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Ostara Egg Ornament

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Ostara is the Sabbat that occurs during the spring equinox. This beautiful ornament makes a lovely altar decoration or gift for a friend. At this time, we celebrate birth, fertility, the awakening of nature, and joy. The egg symbolizes the hope and promise of the spring, the balance between light and dark, and the fertility of the season.

Above are two versions of this egg ornament. On the left is an egg coated in gold paint with a gold paper bird inside. On the right is a simple white egg with a sun and moon ornament. You can use any small charm you like.

Items Needed

  • Raw egg

  • Straight pin

  • Small screw driver

  • Tweezers

  • Fishing wire

  • Modge podge

  • Gold paint

  • Small paper cutouts or other ornament to place inside egg


1. Push straight pin into egg to make a small hole centered on the small tip of the egg. Make another hole centered on the long side of the egg.

2. Use a small screw driver to increase the size of the hole you made on the small tip of the egg.

3. In a bowl, mix together a solution that is one half Modge Podge and one half water. Coat the outside and inside of the egg with this solution. Tip: To coat the inside of the egg, use a syringe and squirt solution into egg. Then cover the large hole of the egg and swirl solution around to cover inside thoroughly. Uncover hole and drain excess Modge Podge.

4. Place eggs hole side down to let Modge Podge dry and to continue draining excess Modge Podge. You can use small containers, an egg carton, or even a paint palette (as I have done) to hold the eggs. Once the eggs are dry, coat them a second time and allow to dry. In the pic below, the eggs with holes on top are completely dry.

5. Decorate the outside of the eggs. On the eggs below, I applied a gold paint to the outside with a brush. You can leave them white and skip this step if you wish.

6. Cut a piece of clear nylon string that is about 6 inches long. Insert string through the top small hole on the lengthwise side of the egg and pull it out through the large hole.

7. Choose a small ornament to hang inside the egg. If using a paper cutout as I have done, glue the two sides of the cutout together with the string sandwiched in between. Trim any excess string from the bottom of the ornament.

8. Pull ornament gently through opening into the egg. If using paper, then you can bend it a little to get it in the egg and then use tweezers to straighten it out. When the ornament is in the position you like, use a pen to mark the string directly over the egg. Tie a double knot (or surgeon’s knot) in the string where you marked. Trim off excess string to leave only a knot or tie a loop to hang your ornament.


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