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Protection from Negative Energy

This old fashioned candle spell uses crystals, salt, and a bindrune to cleanse and ward off negative energy.

This is a great spell to help you get through rough times. I use it during retrogrades and when I feel I need to remove lingering bad energy. Light the candle when you cast the spell and leave it in place to relight as needed.


  • heatproof dish

  • sea salt

  • crystals of your choice (I use smoky quartz, black tourmaline, and snowflake obsidian)

  • black candle

  • something to carve the candle with (I like to use a wooden skewer)

  • finely ground table salt

  • black feather

  • lighter or matches


1. Carve a protective bindrune into the candle. I use the bindrune in the image below.

2. Pour the finely ground table salt over the carving on the candle. If the salt does not fill in the carving, make the carving deeper. Once the salt is in place, quickly pass a lighter over the surface to melt the wax on the candle so the salt does not fall out.

3. Light the candle so a few drops of wax fall into the center of the dish. Set the candle in the wax to hold it in place. (Alternatively, you can use a small candle holder).

4. Fill the dish with salt. Place the crystals around the candle.

5. Light the candle and recite the incantation. You can let the candle burn down completely, or you can blow it out and leave it in place to relight as needed.

"Cleansing fire, grounding salt

Bring all turmoil to a halt.

Crystals purify and transform

Invoke the calm that follows the storm."

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Mar 23, 2020

Hi, Sorry for this late response! The black feather is used to smudge the smoke from the spell. Black feathers also add protection and help to ward off negative energy.


What do you use the black feather for?

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