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Stormy Weather Spell Bottle for Courage

Storms have extremely strong magical energy that can be used to create potent charms. Use this spell to harness the power of stormy weather to banish fears and craft an amulet for courage.

Wind, water, and lightning have their own magical energies. During storms, the fierce, raw, and bold magic of these elements can be harnessed to make very powerful charms. Craft this amulet during a storm to make a potent charm to release fear and summon courage.


  • small vial

  • match or candle

  • juniper berry (cleansing, protection, banishing)

  • tourmaline (ward off negativity, cleansing, protection)

  • feather (to represent the element of air and clarity of thought)

  • small item collected from outside that the wind has left behind


1. Cleanse the vial: Place the vial over a candle or match so that some smoke collects in it

2. Add the juniper berry, tourmaline, feather, and item you have collected (I used a small twig that had blown off a plant outside)

3. Place the cap or stopper on the vial. Recite the incantation. Carry it with you for extra courage.

"Juniper and tourmaline to banish and bind

A feather for clarity of the mind

An item the wind has left behind,

Charged by a storm feral and fierce,

Enchant this vial to cast out fears"

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