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Leap Day Tiger's Eye Talisman for Courage

Learn how to magically charge your Tiger's Eye on Leap Day to create a very powerful talisman for courage.

Leap days are very magical, because their fleeting nature brings a sort of joie de vivre. Leap days remind us to live in the present moment and to enjoy our lives, since time is fleeting. Traditionally, leap days are associated with boldness, daring, and courage. Use this magical energy to create an extremely potent talisman for courage.


  • Tiger's Eye

  • Red Ribbon

  • Pinch of Thyme (or a small sprig of fresh thyme)

  • Pinch of Rosemary (or a small sprig of fresh rosemary)

  • 3 Black Peppercorns (you can use ground black pepper, but whole peppercorns are best if you have them)

  • Small cloth bag

  • Essential Oil (thyme, rosemary, or cedarwood)


1. Place the tiger's eye, ribbon, thyme, rosemary, and peppercorns into the bag.

2. Dab the bag with 3 drops of essential oil while focusing on your intent of courage.

3. Hang the bag in a tree on Leap Day and leave it until the following day.


"Leap Day fortifies even the meek,

Tiger’s Eye sees the courage I seek,

Red Ribbon binds this courage to keep."

*Noted: Oak trees are good for invoking courage, but you can use any tree that speaks to you. In this photo, I placed my bag into the orange tree in my backyard. I love the smell of citrus and the positivity of this magical fruit. I also felt inspired by the many bees I found happily pollinating the tree.

4. The next day, remove the bag from the tree.

5. You can remove the tiger's eye from the bag and use it as a talisman on its own, or you can keep the entire bag as a mojo bag for courage.


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