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Rowan Tree Magical Properties

The Rowan Tree has many magical properties and is mentioned in numerous mythologies. In the lunar Celtic Tree Calendar, the Celtic Tree Month of Rowan is from January 21st to February 17th.

The Rowan tree can grow in unlikely places and at high altitudes. It has slender branches with white flowers and bright red berries. Its striking appearance gives it an otherworldly look, and it has long been associated with fairies, protection, the feminine, intuition, and psychic abilities.


  • spindles

  • tool handles

  • spinning wheels


  • divination

  • runes

  • protection

  • meditation

  • clarity

  • inspiration

  • fairy magic


  • Mountain Ash

  • Delight of the Eye

  • Quickbane

  • Sorb Apple

  • Witch Wiggin

  • Luis

  • Witchbane

  • Witchwood


  • Greek: Hebe, the a cup-bearer for the gods, had a magical cup that was stolen by demons. The gods sent an eagle to return the cup. In the battle with the demons, the eagle lost some feathers and blood. From these sprang Rowan trees with leaves shaped like feathers and berries the color of blood.

  • British Isles: Rowan tree was believed to offer protection from harm and witchcraft.

  • Celtic Mythology: Rowan tree was a symbol of death and rebirth. Rowan was one of nine sacred trees burned during Beltane to symbolize new beginnings. Hung in homes for protection and placed in cemeteries to protect the dead from evil spirits.

  • Norse and Nordic Mythology: The first woman was made from the Rowan tree. In the Underworld, Thor was rescued by a Rowan tree that bent over a river to save him. Flying Rowans (Rowan trees growing out of other older trees or unlikely rock crevices) were considered especially powerful as they had never touched the ground.

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