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Safe Travels Spell Bag

Make this spell bag for yourself or as a gift for someone. Keep it with you when you travel for safe travels, protection, and an easy return home.


  • small bag

  • pine or cedar

  • clove

  • juniper berry

  • labradorite

  • stick gathered from a crossroads

  • bergamot essential oil


1. Collect a small twig or branch from a crossroads. The crossroads is significant because these intersections represent places at which change can occur and decisions are made. Crossroads are powerful places for magic, and the twig you collect is a symbolic form of walking or travelers staff.

2. Add the twig to the bag along with the cedar, clove, juniper berry, and labradorite for protection and mental calm.

3. Place a drop of bergamot essential oil on your finger and dab the bag with the oil in four places to represent the north, south, east, and west. Recite the incantation.

"Whether near or far it is I should roam,

bring happy travels and a safe return home"

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