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Signs of a Familiar

Familiars are creatures who aid witches and are linked to the supernatural. A familiar can be a pet or a wild creature, and a witch might have more than one familiar. While the black cat is most commonly associated with witches, a familiar can be any type of animal. If you are wondering whether or not you have a familiar, check out the list below for common signs.

Do You Have a Familiar?

Familiars are magical creatures that help a witch in his/her practice and can even provide guidance and motivation. The bond they will share with you is extraordinary and unique.

Below are some characteristics to help you recognize your familiar...

1. You share a soul or spirit connection – You will share a deep bond and spiritual connection with your familiar. This bond will be stronger than his/her bond with any other human. You and your familiar will have an innate understanding of one another. It may even seem like your familiar can read your thoughts and understand your words. Their presence will comfort you and keep you grounded.

2. They motivate you to work your craft - Your familiar might motivate you to practice and study your craft. It may simply be his/her presence that you find motivating, or it might be something specific your familiar does. For instance, they may try to get you to follow them into your magical workspace, or they may bring you a magical tool or call your attention to a book you have been neglecting.

3. Amplify your magic and restore your energy - When you work with magic in the presence of your familiar, you may find that your spells are more powerful or that your energy is heightened and restored. They may also guide you in your spirit work by helping you manifest a calm and open state of mind, allowing you to more easily commune with other realms.

4. Interested in but not destructive towards your magical tools and workings - Your familiar may be naturally drawn to your magical workspace, rituals, and tools. For example, your familiar may always want to be in the room with you while you perform spells or rituals, or their favorite place to sit might be curled up next to your occult book collection. However, they do not try to destroy your magical workings or tools. They do not, for instance, want to chew on your wands or break your protective circles.

5. They can sense the spirit realms and unseen - Many familiars are connected to the spirit realms. They can sense otherworldly presences and can often detect whether these entities are harmful or benevolent. If you notice your familiar growing anxious and disturbed when you perform spirit work, it could be that an unwelcome presence has entered the space.

6. They found their way to you - Familiars have a way of finding you. For instance, maybe you always wanted a dog but the timing was never right. Then one day, out of the blue, a stray dog turns up in your front yard and insists on being your lifelong friend. You know right away this dog is rare and special, a truly magical creature that will aid you in your practice.

7. You feel there is something uniquely special about them - In addition to all these traits, you will know intuitively whether an animal is your familiar. There will be something uncanny about them, something special that sets them apart from other creatures. This connection and knowing that cannot be explained by any logical means is part of what makes them your unique, magical companion.

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