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Uses of Crystal Pyramids

Crystal pyramids combine sacred geometry and crystal work. They are extremely versatile and have many uses. Learn how to use them to enhance your practice.


Pyramids pull energy in through the apex and help to focus and amplify it. Use a pyramid when you are doing meditation, ritual or spellwork that requires strong focus. You can set the pyramid on your altar or in your workspace, or you can hold it while you visualize your intentions. Pyramids come in many stone types, but clear quartz is a good all around stone for any type of energy work. View our selection of clear quartz pyramids here.


Crystal grids are patterns of crystals arranged in a sacred geometric shape. They are used for manifestation and to focus and amplify energy. Since the pyramid itself is a sacred geometric shape, it forms a very powerful center when placed in the middle of a crystal grid. You can think of it as an energy boost for your crystal grids.


Crystal pyramids can be placed at specific points on the body to help balance the chakras.

They can also be used to clear blockages from the chakras and remove negative energies.


You can use crystal pyramids to help you reach a clairvoyant or meditative state. A common method is to sit comfortably and hold the crystal in your palm while you meditate. This allows you to draw energy into yourself via the apex of the crystal. Alternatively, you can place the pyramid on your altar or in your meditation or yoga space.

*Tip: to dispel negative energy and bring in positive energy, pyramids are usually placed in the corners and the center of a space. For wish fulfillment, pyramids are typically placed in a southwestern location.


As previously discussed, pyramids draw energy in through the apex. They can also amplify energy and store energy that can then be drawn upon and redirected. While the apex draws in and emits energy, the base of the pyramid acts as an anchor.


The pyramid's square base helps to stabilize intentions and energies. This base forms a strong foundation that can be used for grounding.

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