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Watercolor Wisdom Spell

Find wisdom and guidance with this gorgeous and creative spell of self-reflection. Call upon your spirit guides to give you insight, strengthen your intuition, and reveal unspoken truths.


  • watercolors

  • paintbrush

  • fluorite, selenite, or sodalite crystal

  • paper


1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half.

2. Clear your mind and focus on a topic for which you need clarity. Ask the spirit guides to give you guidance and wisdom. Say,

"Let the spirits reveal to me,

Wisdom and truths I cannot see"

3. Make an abstract design with the watercolors and paintbrush on one side of the paper. Let your thoughts and movements flow freely. Do not try to make a specific design. Let the spirits guide you.

4. Fold the paper in half.

5. Open the paper. Hold the crystal, relax your gaze, and look at the design. Pay attention to images, words, thoughts, and ideas that come to mind as you focus on both sides of the watercolor. Allow your spirits to guide you and reveal the clarity and wisdom you seek in the image you have created.


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