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Enchanted Bubble Wands
Your bubble wand has unlocked a page of the secret grimoire.
The information you seek can be found below.
The bubbles in your wand have been infused with one of four types of crystals and essential oil. Look below to identify the crystals in your wand and learn more about bubble magic. 
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Elemental Properties of Bubbles

The four main elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Bubbles belong both to the water element and the air element. Water is traditionally associated emotions and intuition whereas air is associated with inspiration, mental abilities, and creativity.


With regards to the water element, bubble magic is wonderful for watery witchery and for wish spells involving your innermost feelings and emotions. 

When it comes to the air element, bubble magic can be used for spells of inspiration and creativity, overcoming mental blocks, and manifestation magic. 

Bubbles and the Fae

Bubbles are beautiful, iridescent, and fleeting. They are perfect for capturing the attention of the sometimes fickle fae and for sending forth good vibes into the world. 


Wands are magical tools that help to focus and amplify magical workings. They enhance spells and boost manifestation work by aligning and concentrating magical energies. When you use your bubbles for magic and spells, the wand becomes an extension of your magical workings. 


Thinking of You Spell

Think of someone who could use some good thoughts and positive vibes.

Blow the bubbles and say,

"Though you may be far away,

I'm sending pleasant thoughts your way"

Wish Spell

Blow the bubbles and make a wish.

Wishes specific to your wand type will work especially well.


"Little bubbles that I blew

Please let my wish come true"

Worry No More Spell

Think of a worry you'd like to let go of and release.

Blow the bubbles and say,

"Carry my worries far away,

Trouble me no more this day"

Fairy Gift

Simple gift for the fairies and other magical creatures of the air.

Blow the bubbles and say,

"For the fae and airy sprites,

A gift of bubbly, shimmering lights"

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Love and Light

Grey Moonstone - iridescent crystal

Neroli Essential Oil 

Love, Light, Hope

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Clear Quartz - clear crystal

Tangerine Essential Oil 

Positivity, Good Vibes, Happiness

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Luck & Fortune

Aventurine  - green crystal

Peppermint Essential Oil 

Good Luck, Fortune, Success

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Amethyst - purple crystal 

Lavender Essential Oil 

Serenity, Calm, Peace

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