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Binding Spell for Worry & Stress

Use this quick and easy spell to bind worries and stress. All you need are some common herbs, twine, and cloth. This spell is best cast during a waning moon.


  • twine

  • 100% linen cloth (cotton is okay too but make sure it is made of all natural fibers)

  • herbs for binding: rosemary, cinnamon stick, lavender, cedar leaf, bay leaf and sage (can be a mix of fresh and dried but use at least one fresh herb)

  • cauldron (or a heat proof dish to safely burn herbs and collect ashes)

  • pen


1. Write what you wish to bind on the cloth.

2. Roll the herbs in the cloth and tie with twine. Recite the incantation below.

"With these herbs I now entwine

Thoughts I wish to leave behind".

3. Keep bound until everything is dry.

4. Once all of the herbs have dried out, open the cloth and remove the herbs. Break some of the herbs into smaller pieces and place them in your cauldron or other heat-proof dish.

Burn the herbs. Remove from heat and let cool.

Note: You do not need to burn all of the herbs. You just need them to create a few ashes.

5. Once everything has completely cooled down, bury the herbs, ashes, cloth, and twine in the ground. Focus on fully letting go of those stresses and worries you wish to bind.


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