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Cinnamon Broom

Cinnamon brooms smell delightful, and they are wonderful for bringing protection and prosperity into the home. They make lovely gifts, and can be customized in so many ways. Learn how to make a cinnamon broom with straw, essential oil, twine, and decorations.

I live in Savannah Georgia, so I use pine straw for my cinnamon brooms. While pine is traditional, you can also use regular broom straw.


  • pine needles (I gather mine from outside but they sell them at plant and landscaping shops)

  • twine

  • cinnamon essential oil

  • paint brush or gloves to apply the cinnamon oil

  • items for decoration such as holly, cedar, berries, miniature pine cones, ribbon, bells, small crystals, star anise, and feathers (for mine I used cedar, citrine, and feathers)


1. Gather the pine straw needles with the ends facing in the same direction. Tie the twine around the needles, about an inch from the top. Choose needles that are longer if possible. If you gather them from outside, make sure they are free of bugs and debris.

2. Tie the twine around the needles and secure with a tight knot. Leave long ends

3. Place one end of the twine so it faces upwards along the needles. Wrap the second piece of twine around the needles and the first piece of twine.

4. Tie the twine together tightly

5. Knot the twine ends again to form a loop for hanging

6. Tie a second piece of twine further down the needles in the same way you added the first section of twine

7. Add the decorations onto the front and secure in place by tying the twine

8. Wrap the twine tightly and tie off as you did earlier

9. Add a few drops of essential oil onto the broom with a brush or by hand. If using your hands, make sure to wear gloves bc the oil will burn your skin.

10. Hang your broom or place it in your home to bring protection and prosperity.


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