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Communication Spell

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Feel like shouting? If you're having trouble communicating about a topic or with a certain person, try this spell for the gift of gab.

If you are having a hard time discussing a certain topic or find that someone is having difficulty communicating with you, then this spell will make communication easier. For best results, cast this spell on a Wednesday.


  • yellow candle

  • feather


  1. Light the candle.

  2. Recite the incantation. After you say the second line, use the feather to write the name of the person you need to communicate with in the air.

"By this candle's yellow light,

With feather upon air I write,

The one whose words will flow with ease,

Like wind that rustles in the trees.

Speak now freely without fear,

Your thoughts are what I wish to hear."

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