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Weaving Spell to End Arguments

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Weave together two opposing views with this spell to end conflicts and arguments. Use this spell to increase logic and patience and to help lessen the gap between opposition.

This spell creates a woven talisman to end arguments. As you work this spell, remember to be patient. This weaving is meant to be a bit challenging and requires the spell-caster to be persistent and to weave patience, calm, and logic into the talisman as it is created. This is because the same qualities of patience and logic used to make this spell will also be needed to resolve conflict.

Witchy Tip: When working on spells for harmony and peace, I love to set out some crystals and light a candle for happiness. It helps me focus on my intentions and amplify my magic. You can check out our lovely Crystal Set for Happiness here.

Items Needed

  • sturdy twig with a fork in it

  • Twine or String

  • Yarn

  • Scissors

  • Items associated with the opposing people in the conflict or the opposing themes of the conflict

  • Large eye blunt needle (optional)


1. Choose a twig or branch that has a fork-like split in it. Make sure the branch is dry but not too brittle.

2. Tie the twine tightly onto the branch near the base of the fork.

3. Loop the twine twice around the branch and then pass it to the other side.

4. Repeat on the other side

5. Continue in this manner working your way up the branch. This criss-cross pattern will be the loom for your weaving.

6. When you have made a loom as big as you would like, tie the string off tightly around the branch. Trim the excess string.

7. Take a piece of yarn and tie it to the string at the base of the twine.

8. Take the large needle and thread the yarn through it. Starting at the base and working towards the top, weave the needle in an over and under pattern along the loom twine. You can do this by hand if you don't have a large enough needle, but using a large eye blunt needle for knitting will make this much easier.

9. When you get to the top, repeat the process working your way down towards the base.

10. Continue in this manner and push the yarn towards the edge (closer to the branch) to make a tighter weave as you go.

11. Tie a new piece of yarn to the old one as needed or when you want to change colors. To do this, simply make a knot in the first thread and pass the second thread through the knot you made. Pull the knot tight. Then take the two ends of each thread and tie them together.

12. Continue weaving the yarn along the loom. Remember to be patient. This spell takes some skill and work, because mending conflict is a slow process that requires patience. As you work on your loom, visualize the logical thought and patience that will be needed to bring this argument to an end.

13. Once you have woven a substantial amount of yarn into your loom, work in the objects you have chosen to represent either the opposing people in the argument or the opposing themes of the argument. For instance in this loom, the conflict could be moving or staying. The old pillowcase fabric would represent staying at home and the feather would represent relocating and travel to a new place.

As you add your objects, continue to weave around them with the yarn until the entire loom is filled in. When you are done, recite the incantation. Leave the loom woven until the conflict has resolved.

"Let patience weave within and out

To bring resolve and lessen doubt

This spell once cast will not untwine

Until with peace these wills align"


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