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Crystal Cairn Balance & Harmony Spell

This is a beautiful ritual you can use to invoke balance and harmony in your life.

Maintaining balance and peace is an ongoing process. This spell mimics work towards balance and the acceptance of change, since both are necessary to achieve harmony.

For this spell, I used amethyst, blue calcite, sodalite, tiger's eye, and green aventurine. I chose five stones, because my balance number is five. Feel free to use your own favorite crystals for this spell. You can choose the amount of crystals by intuition or using numerology.

A notes on cairns. Cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic càrn meaning a "heap of stones." Cairns are manmade and have been used throughout history as visual guides, spiritual offerings, symbols of balance, and markers of remembrance.


  • Crystals to invoke balance, harmony, and peace.

I used...

Amethyst (balance and dispel negativity)

Blue calcite (lessen negative emotions and increase calm)

Sodalite (emotional balance)

Tiger’s eye (mental clarity & objectivity)

Green aventurine (healing and release negative blocks).


1. Patiently place the crystals on top of each other so that they do not topple over.


"I set this cairn with patience in place

To invoke balance within this space."

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. Focus on areas of your life that need more balance and on the steps you will take to achieve this balance.

2. Carefully remove the stones one at a time.


"This crystal cairn I now displace

And accept all change that comes with grace.

For balance must shift with passing time

To maintain harmony and peace of mind."

Take a moment to acknowledge that change is a necessary part of life. Remind yourself that when the balance in life is once more thrown off, you have the resources and patience to handle this change and to restore harmony once again.


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