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Fairy Magic Wish Granting Spell

Updated: May 29

Leave a gift for the fairies in exchange for a wish.

Fairy magic is very powerful, but fairies can be capricious and will not aid all requests. When asking for fairy help, make sure to leave an offering. Items from nature, small quantities of something sweet, and water that has been magically cleansed and charged are tokens that are especially appreciated. If you pick anything from a plant as a gift, make sure to ask permission first.

Leave the offering during the golden hour (right after sunrise or before sunset), since it will be easier to contact the fairies during liminal times. Because of this, days which are fleeting by nature fleeting (like Leap Day) are great days for fairy magic.

For my offering, I used a leaf that had fallen from my citrus tree, an acorn, a dried pink rosebud, and part of a dandelion that I found. I also added a few drops of water that I had previously charged with rose quartz. Every offering will be different, but I have listed some ideas below.


  • Fallen leaves

  • Bits of old spider web (make sure the spider is no longer using the web)

  • Feathers

  • Small shells or nuts filled with water

  • Water that has been magically cleansed or charged

  • Dab of honey

  • Cake crumb

  • Seeds native to the environment

  • Small piece of a crystal

  • Something you have made from natural items (like a small flower crown)


1. Assemble your gift for the fairies

2. Place the gift outside in a peaceful area surrounded by nature.

3. Focus on the beauty of nature and on all that the fairies have created and made. Be thankful for the work of the fairies and ask them to help you with a kind and open heart.


"By seed, leaf, tree, and flower

I call the fae this golden hour.

I thank the fae for the beauty I see

And hope you grant this wish for me."

4. Concentrate on your wish and thank the fairies again before you leave.

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thank you fairies

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