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Glamour Magic Mirror Spell

The most powerful glamours start from within. Enchant your mirror with this glamour magic spell to help you overcome negativity and encourage happiness, self-love, and self-acceptance. Learn how to cast this gorgeous glamour spell so your magical mirror amplifies and reflects back your own charms and the qualities you love most about yourself.

girl sitting in front of an enchanted mirror in a fairytale like enchanted bedroom


  • mirror (a handheld mirror or one that can lay flat is preferable)

  • lavender essential oil

  • white or pink candle

  • rose quartz

  • shell

  • favorite flower or one you picked and were drawn to


  1. Gather your supplies and find a quiet place where you feel safe and peaceful. Take a moment to get comfortable and relaxed. You may wish to dim the lights or play some calming music.

  2. Open the essential oil and let its soothing aroma fill the space. If it is skin-safe, you can take a small drop of the oil and gently massage it into your hands.

  3. Light the candle and focus on overcoming negative and hurtful thoughts. Do not judge yourself for having them. Simply observe that they are there. As you gaze into the candle flame, visualize positive energy radiating from its light and filling the space around you. Think of the light as a source of guidance and warmth while you relax and reflect on your loveliness.

  4. Place your mirror with the reflective surface facing upwards. Set the shell, rose quartz, and flower on top of the mirror. Arrange the items so you see yourself surrounded by these beautiful symbols of love, emotional healing, and happiness.

  5. *If the mirror cannot be set flat, simply place the items near the mirror.

  6. Gaze into the mirror and think of or speak aloud all the qualities you love about yourself. Take as long as you like, and don't hold back!

  7. When you are finished, say:

"By this flower, rose, and shell,

let love within this mirror dwell.

By reflection return triple-fold,

that love in me I may behold"

8. Remove the items from your mirror and perform this spell as needed to recharge it.

*Note: If the mirror is handheld and will be used for ritual or spellwork, wrap it in a cloth or set it in a box to protect it from outside energy. If the mirror is for everday use, just keep it mind that you will probably need to charge it more frequently.

Happy Enchanting!


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