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Spell to Bind and Transform Problems

If you have a problem, or a set of related problems, this is a powerful spell to help you bind and transform them. The key to this spell is to think of three specific things that contribute to one main problem. Bind these three key elements while visualizing success and the steps needed to turn these difficulties into triumphs.

This potent spell binds those things that are getting in your way and holding you back, and it uses fire to purify and transform. If you can, cast this spell while the moon is new and/or the moon is in Aries.


  • 3 small strips of plain paper

  • pen

  • pinch of basil

  • pinch of rosemary

  • pinch of bay leaf

  • mortar and pestle

  • cauldron

  • lighter or match

  • rosemary essential oil (optional)


1. Think of a problem and three main things that contribute to this problem, hold you back, or prevent you from solving it and moving on. Write three short statements describing these issues on the pieces of paper. These are the things you wish to bind.

2. Twist the three papers together to bind these three issues.

3. Use a mortar and pestle to grind together the bay, basil, and rosemary.

4. Place the papers in the cauldron and place a drop of rosemary essential oil on the papers (if using essential oil).

5. Light the papers on fire. Sprinkle the ground herbs on top. Visualize your problems being transformed, your troubles being purified, and your success as new beginnings rising from the ashes.


"These three things that I now bind

Will no longer trouble my mind

Transform and purify with this fire

As the phoenix that rises from the pyre."

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