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Strawberry Hibiscus Love Potion

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

This beautiful and delicious love potion takes its power from the sweet strawberry and tart hibiscus. You can drink it alone or add it to another beverage. Use it to increase passion and strengthen relationships.


  • Strawberries, Muddled

  • Dried Hibiscus

  • Water

  • Strainer (or cheesecloth to strain the potion)


1. Add two parts muddled strawberry and hibiscus to one part water. Let the potion steep until the water turns a vibrant red.

2. While the potion steeps, focus your intent on your relationship. Concentrate on both the wonderful and difficult aspects of the relationship and visualize your bond with your partner strengthening and growing in love.

3. Strain the potion once it has finished steeping. You can drink it as it is or you can add to wine or another drink of your choice. Say,

"Though love may seem both sweet and tart,

Make us constant of the heart."


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