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Rekindle Love Spell

Updated: Jan 24

If your relationship is starting to lose its spark, this spell will rekindle romance and passion. You can also cast this spell preventatively in order to help new relationships thrive once the honeymoon phase has past.

Relationships are ever changing, and it is this change that allows them to evolve. This spell uses the elements of water and air because they, like love, naturally ebb and flow. Cast this spell so that ebbing tides serve only to strengthen subsequent reunions.


  • pot of boiling water

  • dried lavender

  • lemon

  • pepper

  • dried rose

  • knife


  1. Boil the water

  2. Quarter the lemon. Carve the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your lover's name onto a section of the rind.

  3. Add the lavender, lemon, pepper, and rose to the boiling water.

  4. Reduce to a simmer.

  5. Recite the incantation

  6. Let the water continue to simmer so that the enchanted steam fills your home. If your lover is not with you when you cast the spell, open a window so the wind can carry the spell to its final destination.

"Lavender, lemon, pepper, and rose

Enchant this love so that it grows

And when the flames of our desire

Seem but ashes on a pyre

Scatter these ashes to the wind

And bring my love to me again"


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