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Witchy Words for the Non-Magically Inclined

Many of us have friends or relatives who aren't familiar with the craft or who don't approve of our witchy ways. If you need some help telling about them about what you do (or want to be discreet), check out this list of witchy words translated for the non-magically inclined.

As part of the holiday survival guide, here is a list of helpful witchcraft terms and their non-magical translations...


For example:

Witchy Wording: I seriously need to hex my ex right now.

Translation: Feel free to send some bad vibes his way because he definitely deserves it.

Witchy Wording: I made you this lovely spell bag you can set under pillow for sweet dreams and peaceful sleep.

Translation: I made you this lovely sachet. It has lavender which smells wonderful and helps with sleep and relaxation.

Witchy Wording: This is a powerful incantation for self-love and confidence.

Translation: I like to say this poem when I feel like I could use some self-love and a confidence boost.

Witchy Wording: I'm going to light some candles tonight and commune with the spirits.

Translation: I set out this beautiful candle to remember our ancestors.

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