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Cinnamon Charm For Prosperity and Abundance

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

In the fall and winter months, I love making house charms, gifts, and room sprays with botanicals like cinnamon, orange, and cedar. This beautiful cinnamon charm can be used to bring protection and abundance. Hang it in your home, use it as table or altar decor, or give it to a friend as a lovely holiday gift.

I made my charm with cedar, orange, bay leaf, and cinnamon. You can add whichever botanicals you prefer to customize your charm to your specific intentions.


  • twine

  • dried orange

  • bay leaf

  • cinnamon sticks

  • cedar

  • essential oil (optional)


1. String the twine through the dried orange

2. Tie the twine around the orange and then make a knotted loop to hang the charm by

3. Arrange the cinnamon and other botanicals onto a second piece of twine. Tie the twine tightly around the botanicals

4. Thread both ends of the twine through the middle of the orange slice

5. Loop one end of the twine under the twine that is already tied around the orange. This will help to keep the botanicals in place once the charm is hanging.

6. Tie the loose ends of twine tightly and trim the ends.

7. Trim the ends of the twine

8. Optional: tuck in more botanicals to the front and a few drops of essential oil for scent. In the image below, I added a small calendula blossom.


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