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Wolf Moon Magic

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The full moon is January is called the Wolf Moon, because it was believed that wolves howled at the moon at this time of year. Learn about the other names for the Wolf Moon and its magical correspondences.


January's full moon has many names, and Wolf Moon is one of the most common. This name is attributed to native North American tribes and refers to hungry wolves howling at the moon during cold winters. Other names include:

  • Old Moon

  • Ice Moon

  • Moon after Yule

  • Spirit Moon

  • Ice Moon

  • Hard Moon

  • Quiet Moon


During all full moons, spells are enhanced and it is a good time for manifesting. Specifically in January, the full moon is a time of meditation, letting go of the past, initiating new journeys, strengthening your intuition, greater knowledge, and insight. Below is a list of correspondences to boost your Wolf Moon Spells.


  • Ruby - courage, passion, protection, love

  • Garnet - courage, love, hope

  • Onyx - confidence, clarity, healing, inner strength

  • Obsidian - protection, prophecy, truth

  • Jet - protection, grounding

  • Opal - creativity, optimism, meditation, insight

  • Selenite - purification, psychic abilities, meditation


  • Protection

  • Meditation

  • Intuition

  • Knowledge

  • Initiative


  • Snowdrop - hope, purification, beauty

  • Thistle - protection, purification

  • Basil - wealth, success, protection

  • Marjoram - happiness, protection, health, wealth

  • Pinecones - fertility, protection, happiness, prosperity

Colors (to learn about color magic click here)

  • Silver - feminine, unconscious, psychic powers, spirit world, moon

  • White - purification, truth/awareness, healing, peace

  • Black - warding off evil, banishing, dispelling negative energy, protection

  • Violet - ambition, power, wisdom, knowledge, ideals


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