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Avocado Seed Sigils

Learn how to carve magical sigils into avocado seeds. Avocados are magical fruits associated with beauty, lust, love, and power. They have a variety of uses from kitchen witchery to talismans. I love caving runes into the seeds, because they are so easy to work with and have a naturally beautiful shape and color.

The picture above is an avocado seed with a love rune and other decorative carvings. I chose to carve a rune for love, since the avocado itself is associated with this magical property, but you can carve anything you like and use the avocado seed as a talisman or an amulet. You can even add the seed to your mojo bag.

Avocado seed carvings are also wonderful to make in the spring to celebrate Ostara and the reawakening of nature. They make lovely gifts for friends and are great activities to do with kids. Younger kids will not be able to do the carvings but will enjoy removing and cleaning the seeds, removing the husks, and designing the carvings. You can also show children the inside of the seeds to teach them about the plant life cycle, germination, and its relation to Ostara.

Items Needed

  • Avocado

  • Knife for cutting the avocado open and splitting the seed in half

  • Spoon to scoop out the seed

  • Small knife, screwdriver, or other tool for carving


1. Take a knife and cut the avocado in half lengthwise.

2. Scoop out the seed and clean it off.

3. Peel off the outer covering/hull (thin brown seedcoat)

4. Let the seed dry for a few days.

5. Press the seed along the top and bottom until it starts to split apart. This split will occur where the avocado seed naturally halves, since it is a dicot.

* If you want to wear the seed as a necklace, drill a small hole through the top of the seed. Be careful not to press too hard and crack the seed.

6. Use a small knife, screwdriver, or other tool to carve a sigil into the seed. I prefer to use a small screwdriver as it makes deeper liner, but you should use whichever tool works best for you. When finished, say

"From fruit to seed and seed to flower,

Enchant this sigil and give it power."

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