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Eggshell Witch's Bell for Ostara

Bell ringing is an Ostara tradition. This simple bell is made from an eggshell and can be used during Ostara rituals and as an Ostara altar decoration. I used small bells, but you can use bigger bells for a louder sound.

Items Needed

  • Raw egg

  • Small screw driver and needle or a dremel

  • Tweezers

  • thick and thin twine, ribbon, or leather

  • Bells


1. Use a dremel to make a small hole on the small end of the egg. Do not push too hard with the dremel, or it will break your egg.

Note: If you do not have a dremel, you can push a straight pin or needle into egg to make a small hole and then increase the size carefully with a small screw driver.

2. Repeat on the other side to make a second hole. The make the hole bigger by using tweezers to slowly remove enough shell to make a large opening. Clean the inside of the egg well with water.

Note:You can use the dremel to make a large smooth opening, but I prefer tweezers for a more natural, broken shell look.

3. Tie the bells onto individual pieces of twine. Then cut the pieces shorter and tie them all together.

4. Attach the twine to another piece of thicker, longer cord. For this, I used a piece of leather. Thread the thicker cord through the egg (from the inside to the outside). Make sure the knot that attaches the bells to the thicker cord is big enough so that it cannot pass through the hole.

5. Make a loop a the end of your cord to hang your bell. If you are using the bell for Ostara, you can say the following incantation.

"From this shell a witch's bell

to sweetly ring and welcome spring"

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