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Enchanted Mirror: Inner Beauty & Strength Spell

This spell will enchant your mirror to reflect not only your outer beauty but your inner beauty and strength as well. Perform the spell and then hang it on your mirror as a visual reminder of all your wonderful attributes and inner strengths.

This is a lovely and empowering spell. I have hung my spell on my mirror and gaze upon it each morning as part of my daily ritual. I find that it gives me a sense of strength and is a wonderful way to begin the day.


  • paper

  • your favorite fragrance or essential oil

  • pen

  • ribbon or twine

  • mirror


1. Write down your inner strengths and those qualities that empower you and make you beautiful. These attributes are spiritual and of the soul rather than physical.

2. Anoint the four corners of your paper with your favorite fragrance or essential oil. I used rose essential oil. I placed a drop on my fingertip and then pressed my finger to each corner of my paper.

3. Roll the paper around your pen and tie it with the ribbon or twine. Leave the ends of the ribbon long and then tie the long end pieces together at the top to form a loop for hanging.

4. Hang the paper on the mirror and recite the incantation.

"Let this mirror look within

To see all the good therein.

Let it reflect back to me

Powers the eyes do not see.

When I gaze upon this glass

I will know my strength at last."


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