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Winter Wreath Protection Spell

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Use this enchanted wreath to bring protection and happiness to your home. This spell is best cast during a full moon. It is especially powerful when cast during January's full moon, the Wolf Moon, since it is a fortuitous time for spells of protection.

If you cannot cast this spell during the Wolf Moon, you can cast it during other full moons. Below you will find an alternative incantation if cast during a full moon that is not in January.


  • herbs and flowers for protection: good choices are lavender, rosemary, bay leaves, wax flower, rosemary, rose, thistle, snowdrops, winterberry, and juniper berry *It is good to use at least one botanical with a sturdy yet flexible stem, such as wax flower. Alternatively, you can use vines or thin wire to create a base.

  • needle and thread

  • twine


1. Gather herbs & flowers of protection. For this I used Mexican sage, lavender, rosemary, bay leaves, & wax flowers. You can choose any flowers that are typically associated with protection, but if you can choose at least one botanical that has a sturdy and flexible stem to give your wreath support and structure.

2. Take one of the longer sturdy and flexible stems and form a circle. Wrap the ends over each other. Add more pieces until you have a sturdy circle. For this wreath, I used wax flower as the support. *If you are using vines or wire, then do the same as you would with a flower stem. You just need a circle that will give your wreath support.

3. Add the other flowers and herbs. Start with the biggest and strongest pieces. Tuck the ends into open spaces and weave the flowers and herbs into place.

4. Use a needle and thread to attach two bay leaves to the wreath. Hang the bay leaves within the wreath.

5. Place the wreath to charge in the light of a full moon. Focus your intent on bringing protection and happiness to your home. Recite the incantation.

"This wreath I weave

by the Wolf Moonbeam,

This home to protect,

All misfortune deflect."

If cast during a full moon that is not in January say,

"This wreath I weave

by full moon's beam

This home to protect,

All misfortune deflect."


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