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Grow Your Good Luck Spell

Use this spell to make an enchanted basil plant for fortune and good luck. You can keep the plant yourself or give it to someone who could use a little extra luck. All you need is a fresh basil cutting, a green aventurine stone, and a glass with water.

Enchanted plants make lovely gifts. This spell uses green aventurine and basil, but you could use any plant that grows well from a cutting and any stone that is water safe.


  • Fresh Basil Cutting - for prosperity, luck, and success

  • Green Aventurine Stone - for prosperity, wealth, and happiness

  • Glass with Filtered Water


1. Make a Basil Cutting: Use clean, sharp scissors to cut a stem that is about 6 inches long (4 inches minimum). Make your cut at a leaf node (just below where the leaves meet the stem), and make the cut at an angle.

2. Remove all the leaves that will touch the water once in your water glass. This is usually all the leaves until about 1/3 of the way up the stem. If the leaves sit in the water, they will rot and ruin your cutting.

3. Place the cutting and the aventurine stone in a small glass filled with filtered water. It is important to use filtered water to remove chlorine from tap water as the chlorine will damage the cutting. If you don't have filtered water, then let tap water sit out 24 hours so the chlorine can evaporate.

4. Place the container in a bright sunny spot. Recite the incantation.

"Let basil grow and luck bestow"

5. Change the water every other day. Optional: repeat the incantation with each water change.

6. After about two weeks, the roots should be 1-2 inches long. At this point, you can place your cutting in a 4-inch pot with potting mix designed for new cuttings.

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