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Last Minute Magical Holiday Gifts and Decor

Check out this guide for quick magical holiday table decor and thank you gifts.


Cinnamon bundles tied with a simple twine or beautiful ribbon makes a lovely gift for your guests or place setting decoration. Cinnamon is wonderful for love, protection, prosperity, and luck. You can make them extra magical by carving runes into the cinnamon sticks. Instructions for that can be found here.


These gorgeous golden acorns are really easy to make. They make beautiful decorations, and they can also be added to spell bags and spell bottles or used as charms for prosperity and protection.

Gather acorns from outside and clean them in warm soapy water or water with a little bit of bleach. Let them dry thoroughly and paint them with a gold liquid leaf paint.


These lovely little bundles of fresh herbs make wonderful thank you gifts. You can use different herbs for various intentions. Here I have a rosemary bundle for love, protection, and remembrance. You could also use lavender for love, protection, and peace.

Take a few sprigs of fresh herbs and tie them together with ribbon or twine to make a mini bouquet. Add a small note that says something you are grateful for about the person who will receive it. Include a muslin bag (optional: scent the bag with a couple of drops of essential oil). Give the herb bouquet and small bag as a gift of gratitude. The herbs can be hung to dry and then the flowers and leaves can be placed in the bag along with the note to make a small spell bag corresponding with the intentions of the herbs included.


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